Welcome to Golden Earth


We deliver Cretan olive oils to your home, whether you are at home or on holiday in Crete.

When you’re on holiday, you need to spend  stress-free time without wondering:
* Is the suitcase too heavy, do you have to pay an extra  approx 25 euro per kilo for the airline?
* Is the oil packed well enough to keep the contents of your suitcase clean?
* Do you need to carry a very heavy bag?
* Do You have enough good olive oil for homecoming gifts?
* If the world’s best-rated soft Cretan olive oil has charmed you too, where and how you can get it in the future?

Note that ordering two or three selections instead of one adds minimal shipping costs. Gift and friend orders are a great idea.

If you have a promotional code, be sure to use it and get a discount on our products.

We deliver worlds best soft velvet Cretan olive oils AROUND THE YEAR, under the Cretan sun, directly to You!

Stress free Holidays