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"Im a true Sardinian and it's hard for me to say that Greek oil is better than Sardinian 😂 the best comes from Sardinia. I'm joking, even though Sardinian producers won the world price of best olive oil.

Truth is that I made oil by myself and tasted many others around and In the past 5 years I tried different ones but nothing is even close to excellence of Heliogono's products. Everything I tasted so far, literally blew my mind".
Alessandro Cossu

We supply the world’s best rated olive oils directly from the Cretan sun to you. The oil, made from the Coronica variety growing in Crete, is known around the world for its clean, soft-toned flavor. The clean climate of the island and the favorable geographical location: about 300 days of sunshine a year, these factors together prepare the sun for children, coronaiki olives the optimal taste harmony that people around the world recognize.

Olive oil has always been known as the basis for longevity and well-being.
Daily use of olive oil is an easy way to maintain well-being.
Good and high quality olive oil brings out the food’s own flavors and nuances and the food tastes tastier, here’s one reason why Cretan food tastes so heavenly.
High quality olive oil is a good choice for all food preparation.

Our olives are harvested with gentleness respecting nature and birds. Picking takes place by hand and using a rake, while maintaining the balance of nature.

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