User Experiences

“These oils take away the tongue as it goes and, in addition to the senses of taste, it attracts both the mind and the soul with its purity.

The excellent value for money also allows the use of restaurants ".
Sami Tallberg
Head Chef, Hotel Punkaharju
"Im a true Sardinian and it's hard for me to say that Greek oil is better than Sardinian 😂 the best comes from Sardinia. I'm joking, even though Sardinian producers won the world price of best olive oil.

Truth is that I made oil by myself and tasted many others around and In the past 5 years I tried different ones but nothing is even close to excellence of Heliogono's products. Everything I tasted so far, literally blew my mind".
Alessandro Cossu
"We want to offer our customers the best and tasteful quality."
Ravintola Marina, Mathildedal
“These high quality good oils are permanently used by Ketoleipuri”.
"Heliogonos' olive oil is the first to really entice you to enjoy olive oil every day with its soft taste and quality."
Rouva Keto
Wellness Coach
"As an entrepreneur, from time to time I buy business gifts to my customers as well as my employees. I have been very pleased with both the individual service and high-quality product, which is a pleasure to share forward. Olive oil is a familiar product in each kitchen, but this high quality of an oil is not. I recommend".
Kimmo Tattari
Entrepreneur / CEO, Aames Oy
"Really high quality and good tasting oil".
Tommi Loimovuori
"These we take as gifts."
Sini & Pete
Ruukin Kehräämö, Mathildedal
"Your olive oil is the best!
At work, one day I put oil on top of my salad, just like at home. As I ate it, the truth struck my face; this is not the same thing as at home.
😃 😃 😃
It was close that I didn't eat it at all, it was so bitter ".
These olive oils taste fresh and clean, which assures the amazing quality of the products! These go for salty as well as cooking as well as sweet baking. I am absolutely hooked on self-made ice cream, flavored with Mylopotamos.❤
Emmiina Lehtonen
Recipe Creator

Loosely translated from Finnish.